Technical and Soft Skills Required to Succeed as a Data Science Professional

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As the amount of data that organizations are capturing is growing exponentially, they have an increasing need to analyze and extract business insights from this data. The field of Data Science enables an organization to deliver a lot of value such as the following:

  • Analyze their business performance and the various factors that influence that performance.

Lessons on how Amazon led during the pandemic

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A lot has been written on how Amazon remains at the forefront of being a very customer-driven organization and continues to deliver top value to its shareholders. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was another test on how Amazon would handle the crisis and as expected it did quite well. We learn from Jeff Bezos’ annual 2020 letter on how one of the most successful companies in the world handled the crisis. This can serve as a model for others as well. Here are some of the insights from Jeff’s annual letter to the shareholders.

The Importance of Leadership

In times of crisis (such…

Strategies to increase the acceptance chances of your PgMP application

One of the requirements when applying for the Program Management (PgMP) Certification exam is to submit five summaries related to your program management experience. These summaries are reviewed as part of the PgMP Panel Review process, where experienced program managers review your program management-related professional experience based on the response that you provide in these program summaries. It’s, therefore, very crucial that you work to submit high-quality program management experience summaries or risk your PgMP application getting rejected.

PMI mentions the following about the “Program Management Experience Summaries”

“On the PgMP application, you will be required to record detailed descriptions…

Loved the article. I agree with the part about the need for having street smarts. We need an article on learning street smarts while growing up and working in Ivory towers.

How organizations can address the new normal related to employees working from home and remotely?

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What is Burnout?

The term ‘burnout’ first entered into the public discourse when Herbert Freudenberger and Geraldine Richelson published their book “Burnout: The High Cost of High Achievement” in 1980. The book defines burnout as “the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially where one’s devotion to a cause or relationship fails to produce the desired results.” Burnout is considered as a reaction to prolonged job stresses with resulting symptoms of physical and emotional exhaustion, reduced immunity, pessimism, work inefficiencies, reduced professional ability, and more.

As burnout and its…

What is process mining and how is it different than traditional process mapping tools?

Process mapping and insights

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is a relatively new discipline being used in enterprises to help them better and more accurately map and understand their processes. Once an organization accurately understands its processes, it can get a better insight into its overall functioning and then can proceed to improve and automate those processes.

How is it different than traditional methods of Process Mapping?

The keyword here is “accurately” because organizations have been using numerous process improvement methods and tools for many decades. Process mining tools allow organizations to chart out their processes based on the state of the actual data stored in their ERP, CRM, or other information systems. This allows organizations to…

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As managers, we know that every organization ought to recognize the efforts of its employees and to motivate its people. It’s a no brainer because a motivated workforce helps an organization increase its productivity and also helps it to pull off miracles, especially when it needs one.

Fortunately, it’s common for organizations to recognize the efforts of its project managers, leaders, and other prominent staff when such projects become successful. This has been a discussion of management and leadership for decades and most organizations follow such practices.

What’s also common (unfortunately) is for organizations to neglect (or forget) the efforts…

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The O-RAN alliance came into existence a few years ago with the goal of opening the RAN (Radio Access Networks) by developing open interfaces and encouraging new vendors to enter the market. This article provides an overview of the O-RAN initiative and attempts to answer some questions related to its ongoing progress, its benefits, and adoption challenges for the existing Telecommunications (Telco) operators.

What is the O-RAN alliance?

The O-RAN Alliance is a worldwide community of operators, vendors, and various RAN ecosystem partners that have come together with the intent of making future radio networks more open, smarter, and intelligent. The vision of the alliance…

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Advances made during the last decade in the area of cloud computing has facilitated easy access to on-demand computing resources faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than ever before. These advances in turn have enabled digital service providers to develop various types of digital services and applications for their users. As of 2020, about 3.5 billion worldwide smartphone users connect to their service provider’s backend systems and networks to conduct commercial transactions online, consume rich content, collaborate with others using various digital services, and much more.

And it’s not surprising that this demand is constantly on the rise. For example, over…

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The PgMP (Program Management Professional) certification is offered by the PMI (Program Management Institute) and is considered one of the advanced certifications in the area of project and program management. This certification is considered as a next level from the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. However, unlike the PMP certification examination, one can’t prepare for the PgMP certification examination simply by studying a book or two. In fact, one needs to demonstrate their experience in program management along with an understanding of a number of program management principles. …

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